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CRB Roofing Services, Domestic and Commercial Roofing Specialists in Andover and surrounding areasAs your roof is your first defence against the elements - wind, rain, ice, snow and heat, it is the most important part of your property. With over 20 years experience in all aspects of roofing repairs and maintenance, we have built an exceptional reputation from our clients who have been impressed with the quality and professionalism in our work. We have a large portfolio of work undertaken, including domestic, commercial and all types of industrial buildings, so you get the best job at the best price, giving you peace of mind for a job well done. We also welcome insurance jobs.

CRB Roofing Services not only fit new roofs and guttering, but also make repairs on roof leaks with many different types of roofing materials, including:

As well as roof replacement and repairs CRB Roofing Services also provide a number of roofing services, including:

to name but a few.

CRB Roofing Services offer complete new roofs, roof repairs, polycarbonate roofs, slate tile replacement, flat roof conversions, flat roof repairs and replacement, uPVC fascias, uPVC guttering, polycarbonate roofing, chimneys re-pointed, lead work, lead flashing, ridge tile pointing and storm damage repair.

That is why CRB Roofing Services believe you should talk to us today about your roofing needs. Our advice is free and without obligation. No job is too large or too small for us. CRB Roofing Services have the expertise and manpower to undertake any size contract, be it new work or re-roofing, and treat every job in the same professional businesslike manner. Whether its tiling or slating, pitched roofs or flat roofs, felt or asphalt you’ll be entrusting very critical work on your home or workplace to a company that has the ability and integrity to do the best job possible.

Here to help! CRB Roofing Services would be happy to survey the roof in question and give advice accordingly. CRB Roofing Services can discuss our recommendations and alternative suggestions can be tailored to your specific requirements.

CRB Roofing Services are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and are naturally aware of the procedures followed by an insurance company, prior to authorisation of works being obtained.

CRB Roofing Services use only approved material that has been tried and tested within the industry. This, coupled with the fact that our qualified tradesmen are expertly supervised, and have full training and knowledge of all the latest roofing materials and construction techniques, means that the finished product is a professional one. All work carried out by us is done to the highest standard and is fully guaranteed.

Here is a brief explanation of some terms used above:

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs covered in traditional felt have always created problems. Today however CRB Roofing Services use high performance non-rip polyester felts and CRB Roofing Services highly recommend using hot bitumen.

CRB Roofing Services use aluminium solar reflective solution rather than using loose chippings. You can walk on this method without penetrating the felt. Walking on loose chippings can cause damage which allows water to seep through the felt, and as traditionally the decking would be chipboard that would rot, there is danger of damage in the supporting joists. This won't happen with our system.

CRB Roofing Services also offer a mineral surface non-rip top cover finish with a fifteen year guarantee, which is by far the best flat roofing system available.

CRB Roofing are experts in flat roof replacement and repairs. All our work is of the highest standards and you can expect a long guarantee.

Chimney Stacks

Chimney stacks are vulnerable to inclement weather conditions and should be checked regularly for any potential problems, as should lead flashing and pointing. If repairs are carried out as soon as they are required, rather than allowing the problems to get worse, further dampness penetrating can be prevented. Call CRB Roofing for a quote - CRB Roofing Services are your local chimney repair experts.

Tiled Roofs/New Roofs

Roof tiles are the most common covering for pitched roofs, these interlock, are easy to fit and are very durable. They come in a wide range of colours, design and materials - slate, handmade clay, and concrete. CRB Roofing Services are able to match most tiles for replacement or repair.

Ridge tiles are the angled tiles which line the top of the roof, also known as coping stones, these come in a wide range of colours and design. With ageing and high winds, these often slip and require repointing to ensure a leak proof seal.


The purpose of guttering is to channel rain water from the roof into the drainage system through a downpipe. This system helps to stop the walls of the house becoming saturated and causing problems with dampness.

Traditionally guttering was cast iron which in time corrodes and can't be repaired. CRB Roofing advise complete replacement of the old damaged guttering with new uPVC guttering. Concrete gutters can be relined using heavy compound aqua seal.

uPVC Fascias

uPVC fascias, soffits and barge boards, provide a practical long-term answer to the problem of wood rot and decay, replacing traditional timber. Make your house look like new again with a total replacement of all that old, rotten wood.

Lead Flashing

This is the point where a flat roof or pitched roof meets the surrounding brickwork. Its main advantage is that it can be shaped and flat formed to the shaped profile of the roof surface. It is extremely durable, but it can be damaged by extreme weather, allowing water penetration. Unchecked, this leakage wets the roof structure and can drip onto the ceiling areas causing structural damage. CRB Roofing will identify worn or damaged roof flashing and repair or replace it before structural damage occurs.

Gullies Cleared - Blocked Gutters/Blocked Gullies

Gutters are an important part of your home's weather proofing system. Every year leaves, moss, bird nests, old tennis balls and much more gets washed off the roof into our gutters. This can build up at an alarming rate and can cause damage to the guttering itself or to your property.

CRB Roofing Services recommend you have your gutters cleaned at least once a year to keep them in good condition and free flowing.

Also Gullies or Grids, the drains at the bottom of your property where the rain water down spouts and kitchen and bathroom waste pipes discharge into should also be well maintained. Blocked gullies will create serious problems and may cause flooding and bad smells.

Health and safety for the homeowner and business premises is paramount. Don't ignore the law!

Maintain you gutters and gullies to save the expense of serious repairs to your property, not only the brickwork but the interior decorating and ceilings.

Hot Works/Torch-on Roofing

Single layer torch-on, and torch-on materials used as a cap sheet to multi-layer roofing must be fully and continuously bonded. The quality of the bond from torching must compare with the quality achieved by pour and roll techniques. In fact torching should be regarded as a form of pour and roll. The heated bitumen must pour down the front of the roll and form sufficient flow to provide a continuous and adequate bead of molten bitumen across the full width of the product. When correctly applied, a bead of bitumen will appear from under the lap and will be visible at all times. If the bead is not visible it must be assumed that a satisfactory bond has not been achieved and the material must be reheated and re-sealed. The bead of bitumen at the laps will always be visible on completed work. There is no question of leaving clean laps.

If you require any further information, or would like a free quote, contact Colin NOW on 07743 431601.

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